Case Study 1

Come and meet the Klockers

It‘s twenty-six years the Klockers have lived in their house; their kitchen is only recent, though. “I really love cooking. Preferably with vegetables from my own garden – like the tomatoes, most of them don‘t even make it as far as the kitchen. I always eat them straight off the bunch!” says Mrs Klocker. Eating well, her husband says, comes with cooking well. “Above all, though,” he stresses, “It‘s about high quality ingredients. And, to me, that clearly includes the tools, the kitchen, that is.”

A real challenge

Making a kitchen which does not simply design the beautiful wooden beams and columns away, but emphasises them better. With a flush surface RINO in ivory and a black granite work surface, the Klockers have designed themselves a kitchen which does precisely that. And makes an elegant counterbalance to the rustic wooden beams.


All good things do not necessarily come in threes – but in fives! With RINO, at least: because this high-gloss front is actually lacquered and polished five times in all. And, when it comes to the colours, five even becomes infinity, because you can choose the colour you want. With RINO, the surface is lacquered seamlessly all round with an outer radius of 3 mm, based on E1 grade MDF board. The back is lacquered just the same as the front, with an edge radius of 1.5 mm. Total front thickness 18 mm.

Drawer dividers

All cutlery, specialist divider and stock systems help keep things tidy and are easily removed for cleaning. Internal dividers are available in wood, plastic and metal, and can be used for drawers 300–1200 mm wide.

Pull-out sections

Our pull-out sections can be divided in different ways, such as cutlery systems, specialist divisions and systems for your equipment.

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