Case Study 2

At home with the Sieber family

Here‘s the Sieber family – two large people and two small ones who like nothing so much as being together all day. Which is why they decided on an open plan kitchen. “If I‘m in the kitchen and the kids are in the living room, we can see one another, talk to one another and simply have fun together,” Bianca Sieber says. The kitchen has a little workspace built in so Ronald Sieber can be with his family too when he‘s working from home. “When it came to designing our kitchen, it was important to us that we were really involved and could even include things which aren‘t quite standard,” they both think. “And after-sales support matters a lot to us too. Because if anything happens, we want to be able to rely on service which is there to help fast and competently. That‘s why we went for kuhlmann.”

Open and communicative

You like thinking in black and white? Great! What you see here is FINA in a combination of black and white with a built-on stainless steel look bar handle and granite (natural stone) work surface. The impressive size of the cooking island is as if made for cooking in company. And because the kitchen is open to the living room too, everyone is always together – even if only one person is cooking.


If you love mirror gloss, you won’t be able to resist this: FINA comes in no fewer than 13 shades, even wood finish! What makes this possible is its mirror gloss acrylic front, mounted on E1 grade chipboard. Four-sided thick edges round the design off, and the back is in attractive white, melamine coated. Total front thickness 19 mm.

Lift and swing system

The advantage of lift and swing doors is, they give you direct access to the contents of the cupboard, they are outstandingly user-friendly to use and above all give more room to move in the kitchen.
Our lifting doors are designed using the international award-winning AVENTOS HF fixtures system. This is also available in half-sections, so can be up to 762 mm high and even up to 1200 mm wide. With widths of 800 mm and over, our unique supporting strut system ensures your cupboards will still be solid and fully operational even after years. The swing doors come with or without handles. Our swing door system can also be power-opened to make it even more user-friendly. With this design option, you can open and close the swing doors simply by pressing lightly on the front. .

Drawer dividers

All cutlery, specialist divider and stock systems help keep things tidy and are easily removed for cleaning. Internal dividers are available in wood, plastic and metal, and can be used for drawers 300–1200 mm wide.

Slide-out cupboards

If your kitchen is tight on width, just go upwards instead! With slide-out cupboards, you can use your storage space to the full. And you can adjust the basket positions individually. And because you can always get to what‘s inside them from both sides, you can always see what‘s in there and get quickly at everything you need.