Case Study 3

Welcome to the Läßer family

Having two small boys means, you always need to be on the lookout for a bag of fleas and wild animal traps at the same time. Not always easy if you‘d like to get the food ready too. “We use our kitchen from morning to night, and so we‘re glad we‘ve enough space for our children to play here too,” says Mrs Läßer. “And even if friends come around, no-one has to cook alone, because the family also decided on an open plan solution.It‘s so nice when, suddenly, all our friends are together, and everyone gets involved in the cooking.”

A kitchen with a view

The view from your kitchen is so beautiful, we’ve designed a solution which enhances it. We decided on a flush surface RINO in magnolia with a black granite (natural stone) work surface. And wall-mounted cupboards over the window. Even in front of the window. And many other things which aren’t exactly ordinary.


All good things do not necessarily come in threes – but in fives! With RINO, at least: because this high-gloss front is actually lacquered and polished five times in all. And, when it comes to the colours, five even becomes infinity, because you can choose the colour you want. With RINO, the surface is lacquered seamlessly all round with an outer radius of 3 mm, based on E1 grade MDF board. The back is lacquered just the same as the front, with an edge radius of 1.5 mm. Total front thickness 18 mm.

Drawer dividers

All cutlery, specialist divider and stock systems help keep things tidy and are easily removed for cleaning. Internal dividers are available in wood, plastic and metal, and can be used for drawers 300–1200 mm wide.

Lift and swing system

The advantage of lift and swing doors is, they give you direct access to the contents of the cupboard, they are outstandingly user-friendly to use and above all give more room to move in the kitchen. Our lifting doors are designed using the international award-winning AVENTOS HF fixtures system. This is also available in half-sections, so can be up to 762 mm high and even up to 1200 mm wide. With widths of 800 mm and over, our unique supporting strut system ensures your cupboards will still be solid and fully operational even after years. The swing doors come with or without handles. Our swing door system can also be power-opened to make it even more user-friendly. With this design option, you can open and close the swing doors simply by pressing lightly on the front.